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"New" Tractor

The Hazel Green Flyers now have a "new" tractor, a four-wheel-drive KIOTI (pronounced "chi-OH-ty" like the animal Coyote), made in South Korea. Thanks to everyone who contributed toward this tractor! We collected enough to reduce the cost to the airport to $5000. Cutting grass should be a pleasure from here on out, rather than a chore.

It's a 1996 LK3054, and is in excellent condition with only 367 hours on it. Maintenance should be minimal on this tractor. It was used by an elderly couple to cut the grass at their second home until recently, and has always been kept out of the weather. It has a 60" "BrushBull" attached, and a lift mechanism that stays where you put it. It's a 30 HP diesel, which will perform much better than the 8N's anemic 25 HP gasoline engine. It has 8 speeds (4 forward speeds with hi, lo, and reverse), so you should be able to find a gear that is best suited to cutting grass. You'll immediately notice that the roll bar has been cut off. That's to avoid low hanging limbs on trees, which are not really a problem for us. We'll probably weld a bar across the top to regain some rollover protection, but originally the bar was much taller. The seat is adjustable. This tractor has a fuel gauge, with an idiot light!

Be careful to only put diesel fuel in it! We have a diesel tank in the same shed as the tractor. It's gravity fed, but the ball valve at the bottom of the tank (other end of the hose) needs to be opened before "pumping" fuel into the tractor. These thing goes a long way on a tank of fuel, so check the gauge before you worry about adding more fuel.

We will have a training session on this tractor, as far as how to start it and that kind of thing, when things warm up a bit. Here is a scan of the Tractor Manual (PDF). It's a large (32MB) file, so be patient. It's 400 dpi so the pictures still look good.

Here's a condensed list of important items in the manual (you should still read the manual before you use it though).

But first, a word about the clutch...this is important!
The PTO clutch is the lower half inch of the transmission's clutch...it's a two-stage clutch. If you turn the tractor off with blade spinning, and then take your foot off the clutch the way you would in a car, it's like "dumping" the clutch on a drag car! Giant blade is spinning, but tractor mass is at a dead stop...lots of shuddering and clutch wear ensues. The clutch takes a beating, and could even explode into pieces, and then we have to separate the tractor halves to replace it! Don't even slowly release the clutch...you'll wear it unnecessarily. Instead, simply stop the tractor when you are finished mowing, push the clutch all the way in, and shift the PTO into neutral (up against the aluminum plate), release the clutch and then drive the tractor back to the shed. You'll probably want to put it in 8th for the drive back anyway. By the time you get there, the blade will probably be stopped by the time you turn the tractor off, but it doesn't really matter...it's disconnected from the clutch. Why am I so concerned about the clutch? Because there's no more adjustment left on it, so it's not long for this world, and I'm not looking forward to replacing it!

  • Only put DIESEL in it!
  • The clutch has to be pressed to start it. Given the paragraph above, it is prudent to go ahead and put the PTO into gear by pushing it down as far as it will go before starting (PTO is down by your left heel).
  • Twist the switch to the left to activate the glow plugs when starting the engine cold, even in the summertime, I suspect. Depending on how cold it is, maybe 10-15 seconds at 60 degrees will warm the chambers enough to start, which is done by rotating the switch clockwise to the start position. Below 30F, use 30 seconds, and decompression may be necessary as well. Check the manual for the location of the decompression control.
  • The manual says to run it at full RPM when under load, although I cut grass just fine at 2100 RPM or so. Throttle is the lever on the right, forward to go forward (should sound familiar).
  • Do not run it out of fuel...we'll have to bleed the system, and it can cause other problems as well.
  • To switch it off, pull the red knob out (picture of a gas pump with a slash through it), just like shutting an airplane down with the mixture knob. Damage to the alternator could occur if you just switch it off and leave the engine running without shutting off the fuel first. So let the red knob kill the engine, not the switch.
  • Normal operation should be 2-wheel drive. Save 4WD for swampy areas where you have difficulty getting traction.
  • There is a "differential lock" pedal on the right side floor, only to be used if you're stuck and one wheel is spinning.
  • This tractor has a two-speed PTO shaft. The "BrushBull" requires the LOW speed, 540 RPM. 1000 RPM would sling it apart in no-time.
  • Don't back up with the bushog on the ground...we've broken the diagonals between the tractor and the mower twice that way. Raise it first.
  • It also has a "two-stage" clutch. Push it most or all the way down to shift gears, and stomp it to the bottom to temporarily disengage the PTO. Please shift the PTO to neutral before parking, otherwise the clutch takes a beating when you kill the engine with the PTO still spinning the mower blades!
  • Don't ride around with your foot on the clutch pedal. You'll kill the throwout bearing, just like a car.
  • There's a slide bar that connects the two brake pedals for highway use, but we may want the pedals to have individual controls so one wheel can be locked for tight turns around one wheel. This remains to be seen.
  • Please treat this tractor as if it were your own (or maybe better).
  • A copy of the manual is located in the shed with the tractor, for future reference. For location of the tractor key, talk to someone who's been through the tractor training.

    This is the Craig's List photo. We bought it in Cullman, and it was originally sold nearby. Looks red in this picture...


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